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Considered a serious health hazard, obesity results from excessive storage of fat in the body. Obesity predisposes the individual to many physical and mental disorders -including diabetes, Hypertension, gallbladder disorders, heart disease, and kidney disease. It shortens life span and it may complicate childbirth and surgery.

While some cases of obesity can be contributed to physiological causes (as with glandular malfunctions), the vast majority of cases result from overeating. More calories are ingested than are required for energy, and the excess food is stored in the body as fat.

There are several reasons why an individual overeats. Excessive eating established by the family and the cultural environment during childhood may become a lifelong habit. Most often, the cause is related to psychological distress. Insufficient exercise can also be a contributing factor to this health condition.


Coenzyme Q10
Evening Primrose Oil (1)
Vitamin C (2)
Zinc (3)


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