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Bee Propolis Supplements


Bee propolis is a building material used in beehives, gathered by bees from leaf buds and tree bark. It is known for keeping the hive free from bacterial and viral Infection. It has a pleasant aroma of resin, honey, and vanilla. In the time of Hippocrates, propolis was used to heal sores and Ulcers. In Britain, it was used as an ingredient in healing ointments.


Propolis contains concentrated Bioflavonoids that may be responsible for its antiviral properties. Propolis can be used to treat viral infections, Sore Throat, Pain and fever (1,2). Propolis contains substances that block the enzymes necessary to produce prostaglandins, an action similar to that of aspirin.

Immune health:
The Bioflavonoids in propolis can be effective in boosting immunity. For this reason, propolis may be used to alleviate allergies.

escription.php?id=531'>Periodontal disease:
Chewing propolis lozenges can help reduce gum deterioration and strengthen gum blood vessels.

Gastrointestinal disorders:
Propolis may be effective on gastrointestinal disorders due to its bactericidal, antitoxic, anti-inflammatory, and anesthetizing properties.

Other studies have reported positive results when propolis was used to treat the following: prevention of Influenza, Cervical dysplasia, relief from Herpes, irradiation disease, pharyngitis, skin blemishes, and Burns.


Propolis is generally regarded as safe.


There are no known drug interactions or contra-indications.


1. Churchill, R: Russian doctors confirm bee propolis helps to fight colds, Sore Throats, and other Infections. The American Chiropractor (Jan-Feb) 1980:34-38.
2. Debiaggi, M et al., Effects of propolis flavonoids on virus activity and replication. Microbiologica, 1990, 13(3):207.


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