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Quest Vitamins LTD,
8 Venture Way,
Aston Science Park,
B7 4AP.

Tel: 0121 359 0056
Fax: 0121 359 0313
Registered in England No. 2530437

Issue 60

Test Your Knowledge!

An exciting new innovation from Quest is the unique interactive "Test your
section with 32 separate tests. Immediate on-line marking encourages
on-line users to improve their knowledge of a subject until they achieve 100%.
The tests are designed for health shop staff involved in selling supplements
and their customers who use the supplements. Quest also expects interest from
schools, where students can use the research-referenced site content for projects.

They can even use the ready-made tests. Anyone registering for "Test your
will also receive the "health review ?e? newsletter" every
month. Alternatively you can register for this by going to the homepage and
entering your email address in the space provided.

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