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Issue 59

The EU - Food Supplements Directive How might it affect

Quest wishes to reassure its customers that of the 86
product formulas we are manufacturing today, one could be lost completely (Quest
Synergistic Boron) and six may require reformulation
(containing Boron or Vanadium)
as a result of the Food Supplements Directive. This means that 79 formulas (92%
of the range) are not affected. However, even though this will cause little
disruption to existing Quest products, we see no logical reason why the Food
Supplement Directive need interfere with even these seven products, as we have
an excellent history of use across tens of thousands of users of these products.

There also remains the unknown impact of the Upper Safe
Levels which it is expected will be published in mid-2004. Quest is actively
communicating with UK and EU Minister?s and MEP?s to encourage a sensible interpretation
of Upper Safe Levels based on the weight of evidence of safe use from tens of
thousands of satisfied customers who would not continue to buy Quest products
if they were not safe and effective.

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