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Issue 55

Vitamin E may prevent atherosclerosis

The risk of developing Atherosclerosis
(furring of the arteries) is 3 to 4 times higher in diabetics than in non-diabetics.
This may be due to increased oxidation and modification of LDL (bad form of
cholesterol). Vitamin E supplementation has been proposed
as a method of counteracting the increased LDL oxidation in diabetics and thus
preventing or delaying cardiovascular complications.

In a recent study moderate doses of vitamin E were
given to type 1 diabetics for one year. The results showed an increase in serum
alpha-tocopherols and decreased lipoprotein susceptibility to oxidation. Vitamin
E supplementation for an additional 3 to 9 months resulted in no further changes
in serum vitamin E lipoprotein and values returned to baseline after vitamin
E supplementation ended. Therefore long term supplementation is advisable for
patients with type 1 diabetes, as it is for the rest of the general population.

Am.J, Clin. Nutr 2000;72;5; 1142-1149.

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