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Issue 52

Role of amino acids in relation to pain

Amino Acids act
as building blocks for protein synthesis and are necessary for substances such
as hormones and neurotransmitters. Studies have also shown that amino acids
may enhance recovery in critically ill patients, by stimulating immune response
and supporting gut function. However, more recently a number of studies have
indicated that chronic fatigue and Pain
disorders may be related to altered amino acid homeostasis.

One study analysed urine samples in patients with primary
complaints of prolonged pain and/ or Fatigue,
and the percentage of amino acids was determined. The results showed that
patients with the lowest quantity of amino acids had suffered more Headaches,
neck and shoulder pain, panic, myalgia and lower back pain compared
to those who showed higher amino acid excretion. Amino acids may have a
role to play in reducing pain and improving recovery.

J.Nutr. Env. Med, 2000;10;3; 211-223.

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