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Issue 51

Pycnogenol? for smokers

Cigarette Smoking
increases adrenaline production which then induces platelet aggregation leading
to blood clot formation, an important contributory factor in acute vascular
events. Smoking even just one cigarette
significantly increases platelet aggregation.

However, there is a glimmer of hope for smokers who are
concerned about their health but are unable to quit their habit, as recent research
indicates that Pycnogenol? (French maritime pine bark extract) counteracts some
of the negative effects of Smoking.
In a study, scientists gave smokers either aspirin or Pycnogenol? to counteract
Smoking-induced platelet aggregation.

The results showed that Pycnogenol? 125mg was more effective
than 500mg aspirin at reducing blood stickiness, without any unwanted side effects.
In addition, Pycnogenol?, unlike aspirin, did not increase the bleeding time
of the subjects. It was concluded that Pycnogenol? prevents Smoking-induced
platelet aggregation at a lower intake and without the unwanted side effects
of aspirin.

Thrombosis Research, 1999, 95:155-161

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