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Issue 38

Aged garlic - better than raw garlic for heart health

Scientists have recently demonstrated that raw Garlic
offers limited benefits to heart health compared to the powerful cardio-protective
action of Aged Garlic Extract (AGE). Eminent scientists in New Zealand confirmed
that AGE, not raw garlic, protects against Atherosclerosis
(furring-up of the arteries). In this recent study, volunteers were supplemented
daily with either 6g raw garlic, 2.4g AGE or 0.8g Vitamin
for 7 days.


After the study period, it was found that the LDL (a type of blood fat) of
those supplemented with AGE or vitamin E, but not raw garlic, were significantly
more resistant to oxidation than LDL isolated from subjects receiving no supplements.
As the oxidation of LDL is a critical step in the onset of atherosclerosis
encouraging people to supplement with AGE may reduce the incidence of heart
attacks and Strokes.

Atherosclerosis, 1999, 143:399-404

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