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Vitamin/mineral supplementation has the potential to improve brain function in healthy children

Twelve weeks of supplementation with vitamins and minerals has been found to boost the attention span of healthy school children.


81 healthy children aged from 8 to 14 years underwent laboratory assessments of their cognitive performance and mood both before and again 1 and 3 hours after administering a commercially available vitamins/mineral product. The assessments included tasks indicating mood, the speed and accuracy of attention and aspects of memory. Children in the vitamin/mineral group performed more accurately on two tests of attention. Indeed, the researchers noted the first signs of improvement only three hours after the first dose on the first day. "This represents the first observation of acute behavioural effects of vitamins/minerals in human subjects" wrote the researchers, led by Professor David Kennedy from Northumbria University in  Newcastle, concluding that "these results would seem to suggest that vitamin/mineral supplementation has the potential to improve brain function in healthy children".


Click here to view the study abstract.


This follows similar research conducted in with school children living in environments as diverse as rural Kenya, Indonesiaand Australia.

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