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Chromium is required for the essential processes of glucose metabolism, the control of blood fat levels and gene expression.

Chromium is present in all organic matter and appears to be an essential nutrient. The trivalent form is the most biologically active. Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF) which is chromium complexed with nicotinic acid, cysteine and glycine can be synthesized in the body. Chromium plays a vital role in the activities of several enzymes.


Chromium functions in an organic complex that potentiates the action of insulin. The name of this organic complex is "glucose tolerance factor".
Refined food products have a low chromium content.


Chromium depletion has been implicated in high blood cholesterol levels and in poor glucose tolerance.


Upper safe level for daily supplementation = 200?g

There is no EC Recommended Daily Allowance for chromium. However, a safe and adequate level is believed to lie above 25 ?g per day.


Therapy with chromium has been successful in people suffering from glucose tolerance problems (i.e. in those tending towards diabetes) (1).

Chromium has also been shown to help lower total cholesterol levels and increase beneficial HDL cholesterol. Finally, new research indicates that chromium may be able to help increase lean muscle mass (1) in athletes.


No adverse effects have been noted with the biologically active cationic trivalent (Cr(III)) form of chromium used in supplements and found in food.


Chromium should be taken only under medical supervision by insulin-dependent diabetics. This is because chromium may reduce the body?s need for insulin.


Food (?g/100g)
Egg yolk 183
Molasses 121
Brewer?s yeast 117
Beef 57
Cheese 56
Grape juice 47
Bread, wholemeal 42
Wheat bran 38
Raw sugar 35
Honey 29
Potatoes, old 27
Wheatgerm 23
Chicken leg 18
Spaghetti 15
Spinach 10
Bananas 10
Haddock 7
Milk, skimmed 2

No one food group is particularly high in chromium - most foods contain at least some of this mineral.


1. Anderson RA. Chromium as an essential nutrient for humans. Regul Toxicol Pharmacol, 26;1 Pt 2:S35-41, 1997


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