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A pulmonary (lung) disorder, pleurisy affects the pleural membrane of the lung, resulting in Inflammation, and possible build-up of fluid. The pleural membrane surrounds each lung separately, so that if one lung is damaged, the other lung can continue to function. Necessary for lung expansion, the pleural membrane contains a lubricating fluid that AIDS in breathing.

If the pleural membrane becomes inflamed, the affected person will experience sharp Pain when breathing normally, a dry Cough, fever, Headache, rapid pulse, and/or a sensation of chest pressure. Wet (effusive) pleurisy occurs with abnormal fluid build-up; dry pleurisy does not cause such a buildup.

Pleurisy is most often the result of another underlying disease, injury, or condition. Possible causes of pleurisy include respiratory Infection, Bronchitis, tuberculosis, a tumour, liver disease, heart disease, rheumatoid Arthritis, or chest injury.


Slippery Elm


Vitamin B6
Vitamin C (1)
Vitamin E (2)


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