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A hernia occurs when part of an organ protrudes through a weak wall in a body cavity, or through an opening in another organ. Improper lifting, a congenital defect, Obesity, Pregnancy, trauma, or pressure against the stomach can cause hernias.

There are four major types of hernias: inguinal (in the groin), which is the most common type and usually requires surgery; incision (through an abdominal wall that has been weakened due to surgery); umbilical (in infancy, and is usually self-healing); and hiatal (protrusion of the stomach above the diaphragm).

Common symptoms of hernia include Heartburn (most likely a symptom for hiatal hernias), Vomiting, chest Pain, flatulence, breathing difficulties, and spitting up blood in cases of a congenital defect. All hernias require medical attention.


Aloe Vera (1)
Slippery Elm


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