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Gastritis is a broad term describing changes in the stomach lining. Before a diagnosis can be established, symptoms may necessitate a microscopic study of an individual?s stomach lining. Often related to lifestyle, gastritis may be chronic or acute.

Chronic or severe gastritis may be indicative of a more serious underlying disorder. The treatment of chronic gastritis first includes treatment of any underlying conditions. Other courses of action include avoidance of irritating foods and drugs, symptomatic control of excessive intestinal gas, excess acidity and mild Pain.

Treatments for acute gastritis include abstinence from offending substances (alcohol and drugs), and fluid/electrolyte replacement in the event of excessive Vomiting or Diarrhoea.


Slippery Elm (2)


Evening Primrose Oil
Fish Oil
Magnesium (4)
Vitamin A (1)
Vitamin C
Vitamin E (3)


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