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Eczema is an acute or chronic Skin disease characterised by redness, Itching, blistering, crusting, scaling and Inflammation. It typically appears on the face and in the creases of the elbows and knees.

Predisposing factors are familial history of allergic disorders (Hay Fever, Asthma or eczema) and sensitivity to contact allergens or certain foods. Excessive sweating, exposure to extreme heat or cold, emotional Stress, and the abnormal dryness or oiliness of the Skin often irritate this health condition.

Eczema is frequently chronic and difficult to treat. It tends to disappear and recur intermittently for several years, disappear at puberty, or remain a lifelong problem. Itching may be extreme and severe. Treatment usually necessitates the avoidance of all unnecessary Skin irritations.


Echinacea (8)
Liquorice (6,7)


Evening Primrose Oil (1)
Fish Oil (2)
Selenium (3)
Vitamin A
B Complex
Vitamin C (4)
Zinc (5)


Useful for Earache due to eczema or Infection of the Skin in the ear.
There is a burning itchy sensation and often a smelly discharge.


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