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Most often an ailment of infants and young children, earache signifies an Infection of the middle ear. The outer ear may become infected as well, especially from swimming in a lake or pool.

Infants and young children have been suffering middle-ear Infections in ever-increasing numbers in recent years. Up to one third of all children under the age of six, experience recurrent Infections. Often this indicates allergies, usually to dairy foods, although other common food sensitivities may be involved.

Treatment of an earache usually involves administering antibiotics and inserting a tube in the infected ear to drain excess fluid. However, antibiotics kill "friendly" bacteria and often contribute to a depressed Immune System.


Evening Primrose Oil
B Complex
Vitamin C (1)
Zinc (2)


This Painful complaint can respond well and rapidly to a well chosen homoeopathic medicine.
Always seek medical advice if no relief is obtained.

Give straight away in a rapidly developing earache.
Especially useful if after cold exposure or coming on at night.
Helpful if accompanied by Anxiety or panic.

Fairly sudden, throbbing Pain in hot, flushed individual.
The affected ear may be hot and red.

Ferrum phos.
Give early on in a gradually developing ear Pain.

For earache that varies in intensity, especially if there is congestion and yellow mucus from nose or ear.
Patient is often miserable and whining.

Hepar sulph.
Exquisite sensitivity such that even a draught of air causes Pain.
There may be some fluid or purulent discharge.

Useful for earache due to Eczema or Infection of the Skin in the ear.
There is a burning, itchy sensation and often a smelly discharge.


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