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A chronic and irreversible condition, in which liver cells are progressively destroyed, cirrhosis can lead to loss of liver function and eventually, death. As the cells undergo necrosis, the liver attempts to regenerate itself. New cells then replace the necrotic cells, yet extensive connective tissue is also built. The liver structure is altered so much then, that the flow of lymph and blood through this organ is much less efficient. Eventually the liver stops functioning.

The term cirrhosis is derived from the Greek word, kirrhos, meaning yellowish-orange; this is related to the jaundiced or yellowish hue to the Skin with which most liver diseases are associated.

Eating a more balanced diet (frequent and small meals), resting, avoiding Infection, and abstaining from alcohol can aid recovery.


Gotu Kola
Milk Thistle (3)


Evening Primrose Oil
Selenium (2)
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Vitamin C (1)


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