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Otherwise known as "hardening of the arteries," arteriosclerosis is characterised by the thickening of artery walls, causing the artery to lose elasticity and become hardened. This decreases the amount of blood the artery can transport, forcing the heart to pump harder to carry nutrients and oxygen to body tissues. Symptoms of arteriosclerosis include Hypertension, Headaches, colour change, bruit (an abnormal sound heard in an artery), and shortness of breath upon exertion.

The condition may be caused by a combination of factors, notably age, the Western lifestyle, high Stress, low physical activity, and genetics.


Ginkgo biloba (9)
Hawthorn (7)


Bioflavonoids (1)
Calcium (2)
Coenzyme Q10 (3)
Magnesium (4)
Selenium (5)
Vitamin A (Beta Carotene) (8)
Vitamin C (1)
Vitamin E (6)


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