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Angina pectoris is a pronounced complication of severe Atherosclerosis (build-up of substances on artery walls) affecting the coronary arteries. The condition produces a spasmodic attack of intense Pain and a lack of oxygen supply to the heart. High blood pressure and a Stressful lifestyle usually accompany angina.

Angina is characterised by chest Pain and caused by blockage of the coronary arteries. The Pain is usually experienced under or to the left of the breastbone, radiating to the left shoulder and down the upper arm.


Garlic (7)
Hawthorn (8)


Bioflavonoids (1)
Calcium (2)
Evening Primrose Oil (9)
Fish Oil (3)
Magnesium (4)
Niacin (5)
Selenium (6)
Thiamin (5)
Vitamin A (1)
B Complex (5)
Vitamin C (1)
Vitamin E (6)


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