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Cramp is a common and Painful condition, which is caused by the prolonged contraction of a muscle. Cramps normally only last for a few seconds and can be put down to such things as poor posture, Stress or tiredness. Sometimes the feeling of cramp will occur just after exercise because there is a build up of certain chemicals in the muscles.

Many people suffer from night cramps, which can only be alleviated by massage or stretching. There is no known cause for these, however the feeling may be due to the narrowing of blood vessels.




Cuprum met.
For typical night cramps in calf, where the person feels that they have to jump out of bed and stretch. If cramps are a nightly occurrence, one tablet before bed may prevent them.

Arsen. alb.
If there is a definite burning nature to the cramp, which is alleviated by heat.

Heavy legs with cramps due to excessive exercise or work.

Nux vom.
Cramps in calf and sole of foot while walking, sufferer has to stop and stretch foot.

Burning cramp in feet and calves, especially at night and on walking. Worse for heat, better when person sticks feet out from under covers.