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Issue 46

Green Tea: Drink to your health!

A growing number of studies in the past few years have
indicated that regular consumption of tea helps to slow the development of heart
disease and certain cancers. Chemists have attempted to elucidate how tea exerts
its health benefits and have focused on a group of antioxidant compounds called

Scientists have attempted to demonstrate the benefits
of tea experimentally by measuring plasma antioxidant activity following consumption
of black or Green Tea. However, results have
been disappointing with only a few studies showing that tea increases plasma
antioxidant activity. In this Dutch study, scientists compared the effect of
black and green tea consumption, with and without milk, on plasma antioxidant
activity in 21 healthy subjects. Subjects received a single dose of black tea,
green tea or water, with or without milk.

Blood samples were taken at regular intervals up to 2
hours after consuming the beverage. The results showed that both green tea
and black tea resulted in an increase in plasma antioxidant activity. However,
the increase was considerably higher when green tea was consumed because
of its higher catechin content.

Also, the addition of milk did not affect the increase
in plasma antioxidant activity. In conclusion, this study demonstrates that
tea Antioxidants are efficiently
absorbed and have the potential to protect cells and tissues against oxidative

Euro J Clin Nutr, 2000, 54: 87-92.

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