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Quest Vitamins LTD,
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Aston Science Park,
B7 4AP.

Tel: 0121 359 0056
Fax: 0121 359 0313
Registered in England No. 2530437

Quest Vitamins response to the EU Food Supplements Directive

It is Quests opinion that the ruling by the European Court of Justice on 12th July 2005, allowing the VMS Directive to proceed, is anything but just! This ruling missed an opportunity to force the EU to amend a badly constructed directive which imposes restrictions on the ingredient that manufacturers of vitamins and mineral supplements can use and will attemot to establish the levels of vitamins and minerals that can be used. (Expected in 2007/2008).

This ruling has maintained the restriction on supplement manufacturers that takes effect from 1st August 2005, only to use ingredients that are on the Positive Lists annexed to the VMS Directive. This will stifle product development and as a result restrict the health benefits that the public might gain as a result.

Quest customers will not see any change in existing products, as Quest has been able to secrure the continuing use of existing ingredients ensuring that users of Quest products will continue to experience the high quality and effect of supplements that have long enjoyed.

However, Quest will continue to lobby, encourage and when appropriate work with the UK government to secure the greatest freedom of choice for a public who more than ever seek to make their own choices to maintain optimum health.

Quest encourages all UK and European consumers of specialist health supplements to write to their MPs and MEPs to ask them to maintain their freedom of choice in vitamin and mineral supplements.

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