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Immunity for Winter

As the Winter months approach, many of us find that we suffer from more coughs and colds. In fact more and more people are finding that a few months if the year recurrent infections can become a real problem.

However there is preventative action that can be taken. There are several supplements which should be of some help in warding off recurrent minor ailments. Scientific studies have shown that Vitamin C may reduce the symptoms and duration of the common cold, and if taken on a regulat basis it may assist the body in staving
off respiratory infections. It is thought to boost the body’s immune system.

Echinacea is also traditionally used in the fight against infection, it is thought to have antiviral, antibacterial and immuno-stimulant properties and if taken at the beginning of an infection it may prevent the illness from properly taking hold.

The final piece of supplemental advice that i would give, is to try a supplement of aged garlic extract. It boosts the activity of the body’s natural killer cells and many other aspects of the immune system as well as being helpful in respiratory conditions.

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