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Daily Mail Headline Creates Alarm Without Justification

Vitamins Are Vital

Sufficient Levels Unlikely From Diet

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Tuesday 19th April 2005 edition of the Daily Mail carried a sensational headline declaring "How Your Daily Vitamin Pills Could Kill You". The centre spread article by Catherine Collins, Chief Dietician at St. George's Hospital, London then proceeded to suggest that that over-dosing with vitamins was a daily occurrence by the millions of people using supplements and that intakes above 100mg Vitamin B6; 1000mg Vitamin C; 2500mg Calcium and
17mg Iron is dangerous.

To summarise the article, it basically states that too much of something is bad for you. Hardly groundbreaking news and unworthy of such headlines. It seems baffling and frustrating that a skull and cross-bones, used for harmful toxins and carcinogens, was used as a pictorial description of vitamins. How many people have died from using vitamin supplements? None! However, the reactions to pharmaceutical drugs seems endless.

Vitamins Are Vital

Unfortunately, many people use words out of context and this is a prime example. To label vitamins as 'killer' is irresponsible as they are the very substances that keep us alive. Too much water can kill you but I have yet to see an article trying to scare people from drinking it!

The article used words such as 'excessive' and gave no clear indication as to the exact amounts that caused problems. Of course excessive amounts will cause problems and it seems that common sense, rather than scientific research that wastes talented scientists time and tax payers money, can draw these conclusions.

Quest Nutritionists would like to make it clear, that the Daily Mail has got it wrong, despite running a story that it had 8 months to research, following a BBC2 Horizon documentary that investigated similar claims in September 2004.

Sufficient Levels Unlikely From Diet

Catherine Collins is obviously a respected dietician, but would hardly be expected to have the positive view that tens of thousands of nutritionists across Europe and hundreds of thousands across the world, "that nutrients of 100mg Vitamin B6; 1000mg Vitamin C; 2500mg Calcium and 17mg Iron are unlikely to be easily achieved from diet alone by working or highly active people.

It is also fair to emphasise, that modern lifestyles create extra demands for increased intake of antioxidants such as vitamin C, that women may need to boost their intake of vitamin B6 to manage the menstrual cycle effectively and that the best defence against osteoporosis is increasing calcium which may not be easily available from a low fat diet.

Providing your vitamins supplements are obtained from reputable manufacturers who abide by European and UK regulations, and the recommendations on labels are followed, there will be no problem and vitamin supplements can be taken for as long as is wished.

For access to numerous independent scientific studies highlighting not only the importance of vitamin supplements, but also their safety, click here.

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