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Coenzyme Q10 for Relief of Chronic Migraines

Results from a study show that supplementing with Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) can reduce the frequency of migraines in chronic sufferers. Energy production in brain cells is impaired in migraine sufferers and as CoQ10 can enhance energy production, it has the potential to correct this defect and possibly prevent migraines.

Research has also shown two other nutrients that play a role in cellular energy production-riboflavin and magnesium to be effective for migraine production.

In the new study, 42 migraine sufferers were randomly assigned to receive 100mg of CoQ10 three times a day or a placebo for three months. migraine frequency decreased progressively in the CoQ10 group, whereas no change was seen in the placebo group.

During the third month, the difference in migraine frequency between people receiving CoQ10 and those receiving placebo was statistically significant. The response rate (defined as the proportion of participants who experienced at least a 50% reduction in attack frequency) was 47.6% in the CoQ10 group and 14.4% in the placebo group. There was no difference between groups in the severity or duration of migraines.

In addition to migraine prevention, CoQ10 has been found in some, though not all, studies to be effective for treating congestive heart failure. It has also been used successfully for high blood pressure and periodontal disease, and to slow the progression of Parkinsons disease.

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