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Are you taking the right Echinacea?

In recent media articles there was publicity regarding the effectiveness of the herb Echinacea for the prevention of bacterial infections such as the common cold.

The articles stated that Echinacea augustfolia did not help prevent or treat the symptoms of the common cold and therfore those who brought this herb in supplement form were wasting their money. I have to say that I totally agree, as anyone buying supplements of Echinacea augustifolia in the hope of improving their immune system would be wasting their money

However, those buying supplements of Echinacea purpurea would have a better chance of warding off unwanted imfections. The vast majority of scientific research points towards this species of the herb, and not Echinacea augustifolia or Echinacea pallida, as being the plant which contains the immune boosting compound, cichoric acid.

One particular study found the extracts of Echinacea purpurea help activate cells of the immune system and also increase the efficiency of the production of compounds released by immune cells to destroy pathogenic bacteria.

There are many examples of studies such as the example above stating Echinacea purpurea’s effectiveness. However, this issue is a good example which highlights the importance of choosing supplements from reputable companies who standardise their herbs. If a herb is standardised, it is clear which species of herb is used and how much active ingredient is in each tablet.

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