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A circumscribed outgrowth of the Skin, warts are caused by an easily transmitted filterable virus. Warts may appear anywhere on the Skin, but are most common on the hands. They may disappear spontaneously or persist for many years. However, there is also a tendency to develop new lesions.

Warts are treated by surgical excision, bloodless removal by freezing with liquid nitrogen, or repeated application of ointments or creams. Warts on the soles of the feet (plantar warts) are the most Painful and most difficult to treat, since on pressure-bearing areas they may become depressed beneath the surface of the Skin.

In sexually active adults, a more serious ailment is the genital wart. They are usually pink or red in colour and shaped like cauliflower.


Liquorice (2)


Vitamin A (1)
B Complex
Vitamin C


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