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A sign of advanced tooth decay, toothache occurs when the decay has extended to a nerve.

A proper diet is necessary for the development of sound teeth, especially sufficient Calcium, and vitamins D and C. Regular cleansing, flossing, and semiannual dental examinations are important in preventing Dental Caries, toothache, and gum disorders.

Tooth decay is not inevitable and requires an underlying bacterial disease, spurred on by poor oral hygiene and a diet rich in sweet, sticky foods that encourage the development of plaque.

(See also: Periodontal disease)




Calcium (3)
Vitamin C (1)
Vitamin E (2)
Vitamin D


A dentist should always be consulted in the case of severe or recurrent toothache. However, homoeopathic medicines can be very useful as first aid and may settle the problem completely.

Stabbing shooting Pain from cold wind or cold drinks or food.

Throbbing Pain.
Hot, red, shiny area of gum.
May feel generally unwell with fever or flushing.

Merc sol.
Developing dental Abscess.
Painful swelling near tooth.

Hepar sulph.
More developed Abscess with some pus gathered.
Not yet ready to discharge.
Exquisitely tender.

Aconite, Arnica, Hypericum
For a visit to the dentist, it can be useful to take Aconite beforehand for fear, and Arnica to minimise bruising and swelling if there is to be dental work performed. Repeat as necessary until the mouth (and emotions) settle. Hypericum is also helpful after dental work to speed up recovery.


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