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Sore Throat


Caused by many factors, an irritated sore throat carries the telltale symptoms of itchiness, Pain, and difficulty swallowing. Usually present alongside the Common Cold, a sore throat often results from excess mucus draining down the back of the throat. Other causes could be dryness, vocal strain, allergies, Burns, Cough, laryngitis, pharyngitis, and viral Infections. A sore throat could also be related to bacterial Infections of the throat, middle ear, nose, or sinuses.

Most acute conditions of sore throat end after a few days. Treatment includes Pain management and constant moisturization through lozenges or salt gargles. Long-lasting sore throats, however, could signify a more serious disorder and should therefore be examined by a physician.


Garlic (4)


Vitamin A (3)
Vitamin C (1)
Zinc Lozenges (2)


A sore throat may develop as part of a cold or flu type illness. If there are other symptoms such as sneezing, Coughing or aching limbs, it is a probably better to look for a medicine to cover the whole picture, under "Common Cold" and "Influenza".

Very sudden onset of sore throat with fever.
Often follows exposure to extreme cold or wind.
Throat feels stinging and dry.
Sensation as if something stuck in throat.
Useful first medicine to give while working out what else to give.

Sudden onset of sore throat with fever.
Very hot dry Skin, glazed expression, not thirsty.
Markedly red tonsils and throat.
Much Pain, especially swallowing liquids.
Glands enlarge rapidly.

Merc sol.
Putrid sore throat with Bad breath.
Excess saliva with constant need to swallow.
Swallowing is Painful.
Pain in throat radiates to ear.
Tongue usually coated and the patient is thirsty.

Hepar sulph.
Also putrid sore throat with Pain radiating to ear.
Sharp Pain in throat like fishbone or Splinter.
Much worse if exposed to cold air or chill.
Hypersensitive, reaction to Pain may seem "over the top."

Rough throat, sometimes with tickling in palate, tonsils swollen.
Pain may shoot to ears.
Usually accompanied by flu-like illness.

Burning sensation in throat.
Throat dry with stitching Pain on swallowing.
Pain often starts on one side and moves across.
Tonsils often remain enlarged between attacks.
Person is usually "warm blooded".

Nux vom.
Rough sore throat with putrid taste in mouth.
Most useful for bad throat from excessive Smoking.

HOMOEOPATHY: Onset of a cold or flu

Nux vom.
Head cold with or without sore throat or Backache.


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