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Sinusitis is the Inflammation of the mucous membranes of the paranasal sinuses.

With someone suffering from this health condition, care needs to be taken when undergoing extreme changes in pressure, such as travelling in an airplane or even simply diving into a swimming pool. This can prove to be extremely uncomfortable and increases the risk of damage to the ears, because the normal mechanisms allowing compensation are impaired.


Echinacea (3)
Garlic (4)
Peppermint (5)


Vitamin A (1)
Vitamin C (2)


Drawing or throbbing Pain in sinuses.
Pain worse in bones at top of nose and above Eyes.
Little discharge, feels stuffed up.
Associated frontal Headaches.

Kali. bich.
Typical pain at the root of the nose.
Stringy, elastic discharge, often with a foul smell.
Loss of sense of smell and Headache.
Dripping down the back of the nose.

Fluid yellowish discharge, can have green crusts.
One moment stuffed up, the next moment runny.
Markedly better outdoors.
Frontal Headache with confused feeling.

Hepar sulph.
Painful and stuffed up nose.
Discharge yellow, can smell like old cheese.
Face and nasal bones extremely tender to touch.
Hypersensitive and irritable.

Sudden onset of sinusitis with fever.
Usually affects sinuses below the cheekbones.
Face hot, throbbing Pain.
Markedly worse if leaning forward.


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