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A nonspecific term for an eruption of the Skin, a rash may result from an Allergy, skin irritation, an Infection or skin disease, or it may be a symptom of a systemic disease (measles, smallpox or scarlet fever).

A rash may appear as discoloured spots or a general redness, or as patches, blisters or pustules, either flat or raised above the surface of the skin. An itching and burning sensation characterizes heat rash (prickly heat).

Rashes may cause skin irritation - Itching, tingling, burning, or Pain - or may not cause any discomfort. The appearance and distribution of a rash are often important factors for diagnosing a particular health condition.


Fish Oil
Vitamin C
Vitamin E (1)


1. Bendich A: Vitamin E and Immune functions, Basic Life Sci, 49, 1988, p 615-620.