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Pregnancy is the period of time between fertilisation of the ovum (conception) and birth. The duration of pregnancy is about 280 days, equal to nine calendar or ten lunar months.

After the fertilised egg is implanted in the uterus, rapid changes occur in the reproductive organs of the mother. When pregnancy is first suspected, urine, blood, and home pregnancy testing can be done to confirm the condition. Amniocentesis can identify foetuses affected by serious genetic diseases and other conditions.

Nutritional requirements are high during pregnancy. Calcium and Iron are essential for bone and tooth formation and blood production. Especially when pregnant, a woman needs healthy meals, sufficient rest, and a daily exercise plan. Ideally, she should abstain from all medications (except those prescribed by a physician), alcohol and cigarette smoke.


Evening Primrose Oil (1)
Fish Oil (2)
Folic Acid (2,3,4)
Iron (5)
B Complex (5)
Vitamin B6 (5)
Vitamin C (6)
Vitamin E (7)
Vitamin K (6)
Zinc (8)


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