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An unpleasant or hurtful sensation resulting from the stimulation of nerve endings, pain most often serves as an indictor of another, more serious condition. The stimulus is carried by the nerve fibres to the spinal cord and then to the brain, where the nerve impulse is interpreted as pain.

Pain results from many causes, particularly tissue injury. It may also result from physical or emotional discomfort. It may be acute or chronic, mild or severe. The excessive stimulation of nerve endings during pain is attributed to tissue damage and in this sense, pain is a protective mechanism occurring whenever tissue is being damaged or altered. The individual then can react and attempt to remove the stimulus.

One classification of pain includes prickling, burning and aching pains. Another includes somatic (localised), visceral (unlocalized), psychogenic (arising from muscle tension), and thalamic pain (caused by lesions in the thalamus).




Magnesium (1)
Niacin (2)
Vitamin B6 (2)
Vitamin B12 (2)
Vitamin C (3)

HOMOEOPATHY: Muscular and Joint Pain

Homoeopathy can be extremely useful in this area, especially if you are wishing to avoid conventional painkillers.
The earlier that homoeopathy is used the better, as once permanent damage has occurred in the joints, there is less likelihood of good relief being obtained. Serious cases of Arthritis should be assessed and treated by a qualified homoeopathic practitioner.

Stiff neck often caused by a draught of cold air.
Especially where there is considerable distress.

Useful for Bruised and sore muscles.
Helpful after overuse or injury.

Sudden onset of hot swollen red joint.
Severe shooting pains.

Useful for any joint pain that is worse for the slightest movement.
Also for pulled muscles in the rib cage or broken ribs.

Rhus tox.
Useful for sore, stiff muscles and joints.
Sprains, Arthritis, and repetitive strain such as tennis elbow.
Pain is better for movement or heat.
Worse for damp conditions or immobility.
Characteristic stiff pain on first starting to move.

Kali. bich.
Wandering pains, seem to move rapidly from one joint to another.
Joints painful, stiff and cracking.
Worse in changing weather and warm weather.
Sore heels.

Merc sol.
General burning rheumatic pains, especially at night.
Pain may feel as if it is "in the bones."
Cold clammy sweat.


Neuralgia due to exposure to cold draught or cold wind.

Arsen. alb.
Burning neuralgic pain in a chilly person.
Typically restless, anxious state.

Especially left sided neuralgia eased by pressure and warmth.

Typically right sided neuralgia with watering Eyes.
Wandering pains all over head.

Worth trying in any shooting nerve-type pain.


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