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Menopause marks a transitional phase in a woman’s life when Menstruation ceases. This change of life is the result of declining ovarian function due to the Aging of the ovaries.

Occasionally, menopause is accompanied by deficient or excessive functioning of the glandular and autonomic nervous systems, giving rise to Nervousness, flushes, excitability or Depression, dizziness, Headaches, sweating, and other symptoms. Such disturbances are usually severe when cessation of ovarian function is relatively rapid.

When Menstruation ceases gradually, menopausal symptoms are mild or nonexistent. If symptoms are severe, they may be eased by hormone therapy. This process is usually a gradual one, for natural menopause usually occurs between ages forty and fifty for most women.


Black Cohosh (3)
Liquorice Root (4)
Saw Palmetto (5)


Evening Primrose Oil
Fish Oil
B Complex
Vitamin B6
Vitamin C (1)
Vitamin E (2)


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