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Influenza is an acute, highly contagious, viral respiratory disease. The virus enters the upper respiratory tract through the nose and mouth, where it may remain or spread. The disease usually begins abruptly with sudden fever, Fatigue, muscular aches and Pains, and Inflammation of the respiratory mucous membranes. Full recovery may take up to two weeks.

Influenza is usually uncomplicated by secondary Infections, but its more severe forms, bacterial pneumonia and Bronchitis, are serious threats.

Treatments include resting until temperature returns to normal, drinking plenty of water, and taking aspirin or other non-prescription Pain-relievers. Antibiotics are not effective since a virus causes influenza.


Echinacea (1)
Garlic (2)
Goldenseal (4)


Vitamin A (5)
Vitamin C (3)

HOMOEOPATHY: Onset of cold or flu

Aconite or Ferrum phos. if taken early enough, will often seem to prevent a viral illness from taking hold. If the illness progresses, take note of the symptom picture as it develops and follow with a medicine from the list headed "worsening cold or flu".

Sudden onset especially after exposure to intense cold.
Rapidly developing shivers, high fever, sneezing.
May be hot or cold or flushed.
May feel anxious or upset.

Ferrum phos.
Cold gradually creeps up on you.
Low grade fever.
Cough may be dry or moist.

HOMOEOPATHY: Worsening cold or flu

Profuse runny nose and sore watery Eyes.
Sneezing may be violent.

Nux vom.
Starts in cold weather, especially cold dry wind.
Stuffed up nose at night, may run in the day.
Head cold with or without Sore Throat, back ache.
Very shivery, cannot get warm.
Irritable and intolerant.

Arsen. alb.
Very chilly, unable to warm up.
Nose runny and burning.
May be anxious and restless and often thirsty.

Gradual onset, often in mild, damp weather.
Low grade fever but mentally dulled.
Marked aching of head and neck, spreads to limbs.
Shivers up and down spine.
Arms and legs feel heavy and weak.

Rhus tox.
May follow getting wet and cold.
Restless with marked Pain in limbs.
Chilly, must be covered up.
Alternating fever and shivering.
Tickly Cough preceding or with Pains.

Colds tend to go straight to the chest.
Breathing dry and Painful, often accompanied by a splitting Headache.

Later stages of a cold with yellow green Catarrh.
Nose stuffed up at night and indoors.
Runny nose outdoors and in the day.
Feels better in open air.

Merc sol.
Severe Sore Throat with coated tonsils and tongue, and Bad breath.
Infected nasal Catarrh and chesty Cough with green phlegm.


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