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Herpes can refer to either herpes zoster or herpes simplex.

Herpes zoster is an Infection of a nerve centre with severe Pain and a blister-like eruption in the area of the nerve distribution. It is also referred to as Shingles. Shingles represents a reactivation of the dormant chicken pox virus, usually in the elderly, as a result of Stress. It most often involves the area of the upper abdomen and lower chest, but may appear along other nerve pathways including the area of the eye. Serious ocular complications may lead to blindness. Although there is no specific treatment for the disease, it is generally nonrecurrent.

Herpes simplex is an acute virus Infection of the Skin characterised by one or more blisters filled with clear fluid. These vesicles usually appear around the lips (where they are commonly known as cold sores), and about the genitals. The reappearance of blisters may be triggered by such factors as fever, infectious diseases, exposure to sunlight, Menstruation or Pregnancy. The blisters usually last from ten to fourteen days.


Astragalus (7)


L-lysine (1)
B Complex
Vitamin C (2,3)
Vitamin E (4)
Zinc (5,6)

HOMOEOPATHY: Cold sores and Shingles

Rhus tox.
Itching blisters, may be better for warmth.

Arsen. alb.
If there is a marked burning sensation in a cold-blooded person.

Hepar sulph.
Exquisitely tender with obvious pus.

Burning sensation and Itching in a warm-blooded person.


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