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Characterised by a steady, dull Pain in the head, an ordinary headache may come about by tension or alcohol abuse. It can be relieved by painkillers, Stress management techniques, and massage. Also caused by dehydration, a simple glass of water may eliminate the headache.

A Migraine headache is characterised by recurrent attacks of severe Pain, usually on one side of the head. It may be preceded by flashes of light or spots before the Eyes or a ringing in the ears. Double vision, nausea, Vomiting or dizziness often accompanies it. Many disturbances - such as allergies, temporary swelling of the brain, and endocrine disturbances - have been suspected of causing this disorder. Although the exact cause is unknown, Migraine headache Pain is believed to be associated with constriction, followed by dilation of blood vessels leading to and within the brain.


Feverfew (4)
Ginkgo biloba (5)


Fish Oil (1)
Magnesium (2)
Niacin (3)


If the headache is unusually severe, persistent or recurrent, seek medical advice.

Throbbing, bursting headache with rapid onset.
Face flushed, scalp may be sore, jarring makes it worse.
Can be brought on by too much sun or heat.

Splitting or bursting headache.
Spreads from head downwards.
Worse for the slightest movement, pressing the head helps.
Wants to lie absolutely still with Eyes shut.
Breathing dry and Painful, accompanied by splitting headache.

Dull headache at back of head spreading to neck and shoulders.
Can feel like a tight band round head or pressure on top of head.
Eyes may feel heavy or hurt when moved.
Patient feels drowsy and stupefied.

Nux vom.
Useful for hangover-type headache with dizziness.
Also for typical tension headache brought on by Stress.
Made worse by cold air, moving Eyes.
Tends to be irritable with the headache.

Any type of headache which is better for walking about in open air.

Kali. bich.
Headache tends to be one-sided, coming from one small spot.
Often a sensation of pressure at the root of the nose.
Can have Migraine-type flashes of light or blurring in vision.

Headache typically comes on after emotional upset.
Often feels like a nail driven into one spot of the head. Pressure on that spot may ease the Pain.

Pain comes from back of neck, over head to one eye.
May be triggered by missing a meal.
Also headache over Eyes related to sinus congestion.


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