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Glaucoma is an ocular disorder characterised by pressure within the eyeball, caused by an excessive amount of fluid. The resulting impairment of vision ranges from slight abnormalities to total blindness. Not correctable with glasses, glaucoma requires early diagnosis and treatment.

Chronic glaucoma begins gradually over a period of months or years, usually in individuals over the age of forty. There are no symptoms in the early stages, and only a physical examination and measurement of the intraocular pressure can detect the condition. As the disease progresses, often the only symptom is a gradual loss of peripheral vision.

Acute glaucoma, (which accounts for only ten percent of the incidences of this condition), begins abruptly with severe Pain and blurred vision. It is a medical emergency that causes permanent blindness in two to five days if left untreated.

Due to the serious nature of the condition it is better to visit a health professional for personal advice on nutritional support.