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Gallstones are crystallizations of cholesterol and bilirubin pigment, about the size of orange seeds. They can cause Inflammation of the gall bladder, a disorder that produces symptoms similar to those of indigestion, especially after a fatty meal is consumed.

If a stone becomes lodged in the bile duct, it produces severe Pain. The main symptom of the presence of gallstones is Pain in the upper right portion of the abdomen surrounding the liver. These hard concretions are more common in individuals over forty years of age, especially women and the obese.

Gallstones may pass out of the body spontaneously; however, serious blockage is treated by surgically removing the gall bladder.


Artichoke (3)
Milk Thistle (4)
Peppermint (5)


Lecithin (1)
Vitamin C (2)


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