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Fibromyalgia is a health condition that involves muscular Pain and stiffness, which is usually considered to be a form of Arthritis. Some of the most common symptoms of this syndrome are: aches and Pain in the muscles, tendons and ligaments; Fatigue and restlessness; muscle spasms; stiffness; Headaches and paresthesia (tingly, prickly sensations); sleep disorders; constant Fatigue and a depressed immune function.

Fibromyalgia patients may suffer with associated symptoms one day and be full of energy the next. Current research implies that fibromyalgia sufferers have tenderness at certain sites, whereas myofascial Pain sufferers have trigger points, referring Pain elsewhere. Yet even clinicians are confused about diagnosing this condition, because no clinical test exists to confirm this syndrome


Echinacea (6)
Ginseng (7)


B Complex
Coenzyme Q10 (1)
Magnesium (2)
Manganese (3)
Vitamin A
Vitamin C (5)
Vitamin E (4)


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