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The most common cause of job absences, backaches will affect at least 80% of the population at some point in their lives. The Pain may be chronic, developing slowly as a dull ache, or acute, with immediate development as a sharp, jabbing Pain. While the primary cause of backache is strain on overworked or under-exercised muscles, a wide variety of predisposing factors can attribute to the development of a backache, such as poor posture, Obesity, or Aging.

Mild treatments for backaches include exercise, hot pads, weight loss, heating rubs, or mild Pain relievers. If the Pain is severe, a physician may prescribe muscle relaxants.


Uva Ursi


Calcium (1)
DL-phenylalanine (2)
Vitamin C
Vitamin E (3)


It is important in any case of severe or prolonged back Pain to be assessed by your doctor.

For a Bruised back after a fall, also if the Pain is not caused by a fall but feels like a Bruise. The bed often feels "too hard".

Arsen. alb.
Severe back Pain with marked restlessness. Pain makes the patient feel very anxious. Worse at night.

Rhus tox.
Marked stiffness especially getting up from bed or after sitting.
Pain eases with "getting going"; worse again if one does too much.
Worse in damp, cold weather, better for heat.

Nux vom.
Typical Pain associated with muscle spasm.
Tension in the muscles and very limited movement.
Wry neck from cold exposure.
Often very irritable and chilly.
Head cold with our without Sore Throat or backache.

Very Painful stiffness that is worse for slightest movement, eased by rest.
Can be triggered by sudden changes in weather.


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