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Alcoholism is a consumption of alcoholic beverages to the degree that the alcoholic compromises mental and physical health. Alcoholism is a complex, chronic, psychological and nutritional disorder.

Chronic alcoholism is a condition in which the drinker is physiologically dependent on alcohol. This is the most widespread drug addiction problem. Because alcohol can profoundly alter behaviour by blocking inhibitions and releasing aggressive behaviour, it is one of the most dangerous addictive drugs.

The most common health symptom associated with alcoholism is Cirrhosis, a disease that destroys the liver. An alcoholic?s life span is usually reduced significantly.


Milk Thistle


Evening Primrose Oil (1)
Magnesium (2)
Vitamin A (3)
B Complex (4)
Vitamin B6 (5)
Vitamin C (5,6)
Vitamin E (5)
Zinc (7)
L-glutamine (8)


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