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An abscess is an encapsulated collection of pus found deep within tissues, organs, and confined places. Often a symptom of an underlying disease, it can be caused by bacterial invasion, made possible by any number of factors. Typically, abscesses trigger the inflammatory response, leading to fever and localised Pain.

Abscesses often require immediate medical attention, usually surgical drainage. Other treatments include antibiotics, steroids, and/or Painkillers. If left untreated, an abscess could rupture or accumulate Calcium salts, leading to calcification.


Garlic (4)
Echinacea (1)
Milk Thistle


Evening Primrose Oil
Vitamin C (2)
Vitamin E
Zinc (3)

HOMOEOPATHY: Boils and abscesses

Bright red, angry, throbbing and hot.
Condition develops rapidly and patient may be feverish.

Hepar sulph.
Prone to septic spots and infected cuts. Obvious pus present.

Slow forming and healing Boils and abscesses.

Arsen. alb.
Where there is a marked burning sensation.

Repeated crops of Boils, especially if patient is prone to scratch.


Merc sol.
Developing dental abscess.

Hepar sulph.
More developed abscess with some pus gathered.


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