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An injury involving rupture of small blood vessels, a bruise causes discolouration without a break in the overlying Skin. Bruises are associated with external and internal causes. If the blood is pooled or trapped in tissue or an organ, the term haematoma is used. A common example is a blood blister. With Capillary Fragility, the bruising is called an ecchymosis; the blood enters subcutaneous tissues, causing discolouration of the overlying Skin.


Aloe Vera (4)


Vitamin C (2)
Vitamin E (3)
Vitamin K
Bioflavonoids (1)


Useful for bruised and sore muscles.
Helpful after overuse or injury.
For a bruised back after a fall, or if the Pain feels like a bruise.

To minimise bruising and swelling if dental work is performed.

To minimise bruising and Pain for Head Injuries.

A "must have" for any injury where there may be bruising, also torn or jagged Wounds with bruised feeling.
Reduces the severity of the bruise and speeds healing if it has formed.
Give every 10 minutes for a few doses until the
Pain subsides.

For bruising and aching of sprains or strains.


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